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Western Union Ar

Rules & Regulations || List of Valid IDs || List of Foreign National IDs
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The art of building eternal relations and connecting people has always been deep rooted in the policies of Western Union. With a 150-year history, the group offers the most convenient way for families and friends to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world. Shaping the world in which we live in, it began its Money Transfer Service outside North America in 1989.

Within a short span of time, Western Union has a established a network of over 3 lack locations in more than 200 countries. Even today, Western Union remains an industry leader with an eye towards providing the fast and the most reliable money transfer services across world.

Overview of the Process Ar

Money Transfer Process

  1. The sender can go to a Western Union Location anywhere in the world and deposit the Money and get a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
  2. The sender then gives the MTCN (which is a 10 digit number) to the receiver.
  3. The receiver may then come to any Transcorp Location or Transcorp Sub-Agent Location and produce this MTCN to them.
  4. The receiver is, thereafter, asked to fill a "To Receive Money" form.

The Transaction Process

  • The receiver can go to the location and fill a simple form called the TRM (To Receive Money).
  • The details of the form are verified from the software.
  • The customer's ID is verified.
  • Money is paid to the customer, as shown in the system.
  • Copy of TRM, ID, system confirmation and customer receipt are filed.

Based on the system requirements and the transaction process, the following are required to start business:

  • Account Code: Provided by Primary Agent.
  • Terminal ID: Provided by Primary Agent.
  • Operator ID & Password: Provided by Primary Agent.
  • TRM Forms: Provided by Primary Agent.
  • One internet-ready PC OR a Fax/Phone line.
  • In case of a PC-based location, installed software of Western Union Money Transfer Service.

In addition to the above, sufficient funds have to be maintained to make payments to the customer. A Cheque Book and a Cheque Signing Authority is also required to make payments greater than Indian Rs.50,000.00

Note: The matter after this has not be re-written, please read the matter and let me know the change if required as these are the process and rules.

Rules and Regulations (Western Union) Ar
  • A good transaction requires the following three conditions:

    a) The receiver must have filled and signed the TRM Form
    b) Receiver must have a valid ID (link).
    c) Receiver must have correctly provided ALL of the following information:

    > Name of Sender
    > Name of Receiver
    > Country from where the money has been sent
    > Expected Amount (10% variance is permissible)
    > MTCN
  • A transaction must only be searched by the MTCN.
  • Do not divulge any of the information about the transaction to the Receiver. The Receiver should not be able to see the transaction screen in case you operate with a PC.
  • A photocopy of the Receiver's Photo ID must be taken for records.
  • All payments under Rs.50,000/- must be in cash unless requested by the receiver in writing. A separate letter from the Receiver should be taken in such a case.
  • If any details mentioned in the TRM do not match exactly but are fairly similar, call the transcorp branch to which you are attached to.
  • A payment should never be made to a Receiver without marking the transaction in the system first. In case your agent is marking the transaction for you, reconfirm with them whether the transaction is marked in the system.
  • Payment should only be made to the Receiver and never to any representative.
  • Attending to customers from location other than your approved location is viewed as a violation as it may be an infringement of another location, remember to get that added into the Western Union network by contacting your Primary Agent for more details.

List of Valid IDs ( Following are valid for Indian Citizens ) Ar

  • Passport
  • Driver's Licence
  • Voter Card
  • PAN Card
  • Ration Card
  • Central Government Employee ID
  • State Government Employee ID
  • Employee ID of Armed Forces & Para-military Services
  • Employee ID of RBI, SEBI, TRAI & IRDA
  • Employee ID of Police
  • Bank passbook (Only if the photograph is attested by the Bank)
  • Postal Loyalty Card

NOTE: Employee ID refers to only IDs issued to people working with the issuing authority. IDs issued to civilian residents, etc. by army/police are not accepted at the moment.

List of Valid IDs ( Following are valid for Foreign National Citizens ) Ar

  • Passport with a valid visa
  • Refugee Cards: Two forms of certification are valid.

    a) A Refugee Card issued under The Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1939, specifying the purpose of domicile as “Refuge”.
    b) Alternatively a Certificate issued by the UNHCR verifying that the recipient is a refugee. The letter must have Reference Number, File Number and Validity along with photograph of the individual.

Other Points to remember on IDs:

  • All IDs must have the Receiver's photograph, and should also be valid in case the ID has an expiry date.
  • In case the ID does not have any address or if the addresses on the ID are old or of some other city, insist on a confirmation of local address and contact number of the receiver in the TRM.
  • You must make an effort to ensure that the photocopy of the ID is clear and the face of the receiver is identifiable even in the photocopy.
  • If a person presents a passport of any country other than India, the person is deemed to be a foreigner, irrespective of the origin of the individual. Hence checking a valid visa is required.

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